Brokerage & Risk Management

du Pasquier clients have access to:

Agency Execution Capabilities for:

  • Idea content for specific stocks
  • Market color
  • Technical views

Buy-side Capabilities:

  • Money managers may use the desk to pay the “Street”; we are your outsourced trading desk
  • Order flow may be “bearded” to protect the client or disclosed to the contra-party to pay for research
  • du Pasquier’s trading desk receives valuable idea flow

Electronic Capabilities:

  • du Pasquier can provide access to a multi-broker enabled OMSs/EMSs, including Neovest and RealTick
  • For clients that need access to liquidity (“dark”) pools via ATSs

We are capable of transacting a wide range of global equity, options and fixed income instruments. du Pasquier’s risk management team is capable of customizing strategies to meet the needs of money manager clients using synthetic and short-selling techniques, based on macro, technical, and fundamental factors.