Business Transition Services

Quite often financial services firms lack a succession plan/exit strategy, making ownership transfer extremely challenging. They may fail to realize their full value because they have not institutionalized important aspects of their business including:

  • Investment management process
  • Investor relations
  • Delegation and decentralization of authority

We can advise buyers and sellers to look at other factors that drive valuations and optimal business fit:

  • Client base demographics
  • Client base quality and stickiness
  • Investment strategy and its ability to be transferable
  • Earnings quality
  • Can the business operate with new owners
  • Key employee retention
  • Custody platform and operational metrics
  • Technology and infrastructure platform
  • Compliance culture

du Pasquier can help owners of small financial services businesses to create and execute a plan to maximize the value of their business by creating an enduring and effective business process. Since transactions are a sensitive issue for all parties involved, du Pasquier can arrange for appropriate buyers and sellers to meet on a discreet basis.