Non Deal Road Shows & Idea Generation & Exchange

du Pasquier is committed to creating an atmosphere that is conducive to idea generation and exchange. We:

Bring public and private company executives to meet institutional and other investors around the world, through our Non Deal Road Show program. Meeting destinations may include; London, Paris, Zurich, Oslo, Frankfurt, Toronto, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Our sector focus has been:

  • Precious Metals and Mining
  • Energy
  • Life Sciences

Conduct meetings with public company executives at our offices, and at other convenient locations around New York City. We invite both our professional money management clients, as well as our own internal money managers to participate.

Are a co-sponsor of investment idea conferences that have focused on:

  • Precious metals and mining
  • Rare earths metals
  • Both public companies, and professional money managers are invited to speak before an audience of investors

Conduct investor roundtables involving both our money management clients, and internal money managers to exchange investment ideas.