Prime Brokerage Services

Many small professional money managers are overlooked and underserved by the larger firms. du Pasquier can assist these managers with the following:

  • How to effectively start their business:
    • Advise clients regarding “Best Business” practices
    • Assist in developing a roadmap identifying key strategic partners
    • Advise on office space planning
  • Operational Support:
    • Ensure that proper coordination takes place between the client and the custodian/clearing agent
    • Portfolio accounting and back office reconciliation
  • Access to our institutional brokerage capabilities:
    • Working order
    • Buy-side trading
    • Electronic trading systems
  • Advising clients regarding Enterprise Technology issues:
    • Equipment/Network Management/Telecom/Market Data
    • Security/Data Retention/Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
    • Seeking Enterprise solutions-integration of all critical technology components

du Pasquier will assign a team of operational specialists to support the needs of hedge funds clients, and enable them to do what they do best– run money and operate more on a variable cost basis.